Carpet Flood Damage Cleanup

If the freestanding water is grey or black carpets will need to be replaced.
Grey Water - typifies water with contaminants of a chemical type. But also contains urine, sump pumps failures and bacterial contaminants.
Black Water - typifies the most extreme type of contaminants: sewage, flood water or any other water carrying bacteria, fungus, chemicals or feces. Since carpets can act like sponges it can be near impossible to salvage the material without harming its appealing form and sanitation at the same time.

If the carpets are exposed to clean water (clean water - typifies an appliance malfunction or burst pipe with clean water flow. This water damage does not pose an immediate or substantial threat to one's health henceforward its level of toxicity is the least of the following toxicity categories), then the carpet may be savable. In any event, we will do our best to extract water and nullify your water damage situation.

We offer:

  • 24/7 Emergency hotline for water removal in NJ: (732) 666-8934
  • Accurate carpet damage assessments, provided by expert carpet damage technicians.
  • High-tech water mitigation equipment is used to preserve existing carpets (depending on damages).
  • Professional installations are provided for carpet-loss situations.
  • State-of-the-art extraction and dehumidification systems prevent future growth of hazardous molds, mildews and bacterias.
  • 100% ensured sanitized space returned to healthy fluffy carpet conditions.

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