Water Damage Repair

Freestanding water is a nightmare. If you're wading in this predicament now, you certainly understand the consequences of water damage. Be assured that this type of destruction is nothing new to us and we will offer you the best solutions to fix the situation. First, it's important to face water damages in residential and commercial properties as quickly as possible. This lessens the risk to your health and status of your property.

Repair begins with an expert assessment, followed with extraction of water, pumped by high-tech industrial truck mounted equipment. After the structural damages are assessed we repair carpet, padding and flooring— walls and ceilings may also need to be repaired, reconstituted in some way or reconstructed after thorough drying and dehumidification. When sanitation standards are met and the customer is completely satisfied we leave you to your beautifully repaired space.

We offer:

  • 24/7 Emergency hotline for water removal in NJ: (732) 666-8934
  • Water Damage NJ offers 24/7 emergency services including 24/7 water extraction and repair
  • An evaluation of visible or suspected damage, bacterial, mold, or fungal growth is conducted.
  • Water extraction equipment removes all freestanding water from any flooring or place quickly.
  • Carpet, padding, wood floors, may face immediate removal or repair for sanitation purposes.
  • Dehumidification systems are implemented— increasing water evaporation and preventing any future risk of microbial, bacterial or fungal growth.
  • Structural repair procedures will effectively return property to pre-loss condition

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